Become a donor

Development is taking small steps to achieve great things. Therefore, any, even a small help is very important to us. We treat it as an investment that helps in the implementation of our projects and initiatives.

The easiest way to help is making a donation in any amount to the account of the Foundation. In this way you can contribute to the organization of public campaigns, scientific research and construction of health portals:

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PKO Bank Polski S.A

Become a volunteer

Volunteering is not just a job done for the benefit of others. It is also a passion for action and investment in yourself. Anyone, who feels the need to do something useful for other people to gain valuable skills and experience, make new friends or just – to be needed, can become a volunteer. By becoming a volunteer you are helping not only us, but also yourself. Join us!

First of all, your time, commitment and enthusiasm. We are especially interested in gathering passionate people – the enthusiasts of development and joint action for health, science and the environment. It is because of you, we can always take on new challenges and pursue new projects.

Be socially responsible

Working with multiple business partners has given us the opportunity to meet the needs and expectations of different types of companies. Therefore, we value our ethical standards and transparent partnership the most. Our offer of cooperation is always within the reach of the company – with us so you can implement a CSR strategy in many ways.

One form of such cooperation is the payroll. Deciding on it, you convey a certain amount of money to the Foundation every month. This way you can become a sponsor of our initiatives or to join with us to organize social action in their own company. Through consulting you can in turn support the Foundation’s knowledge and experience.

Are you interested in cooperation with International Science and  Health Foundation? Write to us!