Healthy Inspirations, scientific view, development by action

To make our actions meaningful we had to ask ourselves a key question: who we really are and what is most important to us? Healthy inspirations, scientific point of view and development through actions is our mission and objective of all activities, but how do we achieve it ?

This question led us to create a declaration of values, which perfectly reflect the way of acting and thinking of members and friends of our Foundation all around the world. Our work is based on four main pillars: innovation, knowledge, responsibility and cooperation. We understand the value of education, which is why we support its development. We create a healthy point of view and build social awareness. We focus on the harmonious coexistence with nature. We are energetic and enthusiastic professionals who believe in the goals set before them.


The main areas of activities of the International Science and Health Foundation are: the protection and promotion of health, supporting research activities and promoting and taking action to protect the environment. The Foundation is thus an organization established with a view to achieving the objectives socially and economically useful.

We implement them on the basis of activities such as : initiating, promoting and supporting research and education and information programs, organizing and funding of conferences, lectures and talks on healthcare and natural medicine with representatives of the world of science, journalistic and informative activities by: publication of books, magazines and brochures, organization of fairs, other popularizing activities, including websites, co-organizing and assistance to educational institutions, promoting the use of renewable sources of energy and environmental solutions for the sake of the environment, supporting all social actions, which are consistent with the objectives of the Foundation.

As the founders of the International Science and Health Foundation, we believe that the goals that we have set will find a broad understanding, recognition and support, which will make them successively implemented for the common good.

Artur Drzystek

Has many years of experience in management and in the implementation of strategic projects in such companies as: Delphi Poland, Fiat Powertrain Technologies, Eurocent S.A., Salumanus sp. z o.o., Proseat sp. z o.o. Graduated in financial management at the University of Economics in Krakow and AGH in Krakow. Also completed the Executive MBA programme organised by the POU and Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

Marta Grudzien
PR & Marketing Manager

Graduated from the Sociology and Public Relations Studies at the Jagiellonian University and postgraduate studies in Online Marketing. Experienced project manager, copywriter and editor. Since the beginning of her career involved in marketing, PR and the media. Editor – in – chef of Pregnancy Portal.



The whole idea was created by people with passion who share a desire to explore new developments in the field of health, science, ecology, computer science and pedagogy. Our earlier cooperation in international academic and business society, common interest and a willingness to act for the public good were the impulse to take up a new activity that is free of scientific and business commitments.

Therefore in 2009 in Krakow we established the International Science and Health Foundation. The Foundation inspires the actions of people who share a desire to explore new developments in science and activities for the benefit of society, as well as creating a healthy point of view. The international character of the Foundation allows to share our experiences with other countries, resulting in innovative designs and allows for the implementation of common, useful social and economic goals.